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yourself the time to do or make the things you really enjoy.

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you can do with the time you would otherwise spend cleaning your place

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                        House cleaning services by Hire a Cleaning Company- PERFECTOREMODEL CORP.  the highest quality and most trusted name in
professional house cleaning and maid services in Nassau county , Suffolk , new York
.   Our experienced ladies in cleaning maids will
clean your home with the utmost professionalism and highest quality cleaning
methods, surpassing your expectations every time we clean your home! Trust us

 House Cleaning in New York plus long

                   It doesn’t matter what your
needs are, we are prepared and ready to handle all of your cleaning needs right
away, whether it’s windows, carpets, area rugs, dry cleaning, laundry,
flooring, tile or any other type of cleaning, you can rest and relax easy
knowing that Hire a Cleaning company can any cleaning l!




  • Floors
    vacuumed and washed.
  • Dust and
    polish all furniture.

  • Vacuum all

  • Wash sinks
    and fixtures.

  • Window sills
    and frames damp wiped.

  • Clean all
    counter tops.

  • Clean and
    sanitize showers / toilets.

  • Clean all
    counter top appliances.

  • Door frames
    dusted and wiped.

  • Spot
    cleaning for fingertips and smudges.

  • Professional
    cleaning throughout your home

And if we
don’t mention in this list , don’t worry we put in writing or sms at our business



Why PERFECTOREMODEL CORP. ? You’ll be glad you picked US.

*No live-in worry*

*No hassle with space of keeping a full time worker*

*Your home cleaned your way*

*Trust-worthy service at your door step*

*A dedicated company for hire to do your house chores*

*Your home, your cleaning rules*

*You have more time to do your things*

*Flexible and affordable*



full licensed and insured

08 31 19 Nassau License # H0305700000

05 01 18 Suffolk License # 47431-H

2/28/2019    NYC licence # 2050066-DCA /sale-2050069

TAX ID: (26-0892664)


Insurance :

Liability for 2 millions dollars
Worker compensation unlimited
add protection to your house and yourself

all our workers are in your property under the umbrella of our company PerfectoRemodel corporation


Make an appointment with house lady cleaner !

call or text message here:  (516)828-1324 or make an appointment with us. thank you


 some common request from people

  • Loading dishes in the dish washer, making beds, picking up toys and clothes, and taking out the trash.
  • Wiping down doors to remove fingerprints, and smudges.
  • Dusting furniture with a micro fiber towel; including windowsills and ledges.
  • Dusting ceiling fans, blinds, shutters and return air vents with a lamb’s wool duster.
  • Vacuuming
    and mopping. All hard surfaced floors are vacuumed, wet mopped and then
    dried with a terry cloth dust mop. All floor mats are removed for
  • Vacuuming all upholstered furniture, not only under the cushion, but the whole piece of furniture.
  • Cleaning baseboards.
  • Cleaning appliances, counter tops, and cabinets.
  • Sanitizing toilets, bathtubs, vanities, sinks,
  • mirrors, and backsplashes. We clean and dry all surfaces.
  • Changing linens.
  • Washing and folding sheets and towels, as necessary

SMALL OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE anywhere and anytime ..   Are you looking for reliable maids, cleaning team, here we are …cleaning company you can trust?  Need a team that is reliable with excellent quality and service? Let Hire a Cleaning clean your office space at a time convenient for you.


Business offices

Health offices – dentist and doctor clinics

Retail spaces

Law Firm offices

More ….

We thoroughly clean and sanitize bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms and offices, including dusting. We will vacuum and mop all of your hard surface floors. We can also give special instructions or projects unique to your business and building. 


We specialize in state of the art domestic cleaning service


Introduction cleaning brings comfort to your own home by providing cleaning services to busy          professionals people. Our intention is to provide thorough housekeeping so that you can return to a sanitized state of living after a long day of work. well done Clean living without lifting a finger!


We are available for many things you need us in different occasions for you or somebody you love .. our maids or janitors are prepared to fulfill any cleaning task in your house like :

• Give Cleaning Services as a Gift

• Temporary Cleaning for Medical reasons

•  Deep Cleaning

•  New Home Post-Construction and Home Renovation Cleaning

• Rental and Time Share Cleaning Services

• House Cleaning for Real-estate Listings

• Rental and time share turn-around cleaning

•Vacation and Seasonal Home Seasonal Cleaning Services

•   Same Day Cleaning Services

• Last-Minute Emergency Cleaning Services

• Senior or Medical Re-location Cleaning

•       Ongoing House Cleaning,

•          One-Time House Cleaning

•          Move-In Cleaning Services

• Move Out House or Apartment Cleaning Services

•      Pre-Party Cleaning

• During Party Cleaning Services and assistance

•          After Party Cleaning services

•          Temporary Housekeeper/Maid Replacement Services

•          Moving and Packing Services

We provide weekly, bi-weekly , and monthly cleaning

House Cleaning in New York

We own high business values in every steps


Hire a Cleaning ladies or/and gentlemen has gone to every extreme to ensure that you can trust our professional staff.  Our professionals will provide a service and an experience you can trust each and every visit from the first moment.


Our employees provide excellent quality and dependability, so you can be sure your office or space is cleaned efficiently and effectively, on time, for every scheduled service. With our depth of staff, we won’t make excuses – we can place your requests, whenever and anywhere you require service.


If you Hire our Cleaning team, our management is available, should you have any questions or feedback. We use sound management principles and communication technology to ensure excellence in client relations. With Hire a Cleaning, your satisfaction is guaranteed and we can make certain your needs are met. Hire a Cleaning is a affordable and Reliable for house cleaning in New York.


Every business facility or houses is unique, so we will put the best team together to see your distinct cleaning needs at a budget that works for you. We make possible all prices at your pocket.


    From the first moment you call our voice goes directly to talk friendly and with confidence to fulfill your cleaning appointment and doing follow ups until your house is clean , great smell and satisfaction at the end.


       We value our customers and respect time because punctuality is our personality.  We take serious people time and make them important our trust and business relationship.  


           Being respectful is very important for us , our value overpass being nice and friendly.  We show in our words and cleaning works. The cleaning work that we perform it must be impeccable and happy.  You will be gladly recommend us to your friends or families all the time. Our service is highly recommendable and respectful.  


              When we see certain things , it’s yours .. do not worry we go to your house to work and being honest is our highly value that we represent. You trust us all your house and we deliver super clean. If we see something , don’t worry we practice and have in our blood honesty and sincerity. Our people are registered by us with all respective identification. We know exactly who they are and our people work for us for years. Our cleaning team have many years of experience and knowledge.



Do you wish you had more free time? We can
make it happen! Simply call or text here (516)828-1324

experts at PerfectoRemodel corp cleaning team provide detailed residential and
commercial cleaning services for our valued customers, designed to keep your
property looking its best all year round. We offer different 
cleaning frequencies according to your needs and preferences,
including every single day ,  every week,
every two weeks, every three weeks, every four weeks, monthly, and occasional
or one-time cleans.



In/Move Out Cleaning


cleaning / Washing