How to build a house

BUYING BUILDING MATERIALS Building a new house, or making additions to your existing house can be an expensive project. You need to plan carefully where you will find suitable and affordable materials closest to your plot. STEPS TO FOLLOW BEFORE SELECTING BUILDING MATERIALS Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3 Step 4 Prepare a plan for your alteration or addition. Use your plan to list what building materials will be needed for the job. Workout the amount (quantity) of each type of material that is needed. Workout the cost of your building works using the list of the materials and amounts (quantities). Decide what materials you will get second-hand.

Your plan can be a rough sketch. However, a formal building plan will make it easier to workout the exact amount materials needed and can save you money in the long run. A formal building plan is drawn up by an architect-technician. Once you have your plan you can ask an experienced perfectoremodel or a materials supplier to tell you what materials you will need and how much you will need. A materials supplier can also give you the costs for the materials.

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