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we provide this information you need for the project you have. Perfectoremodel corp. goal is to

condense years of experiential wisdom into this words that would take you about an hour

to read through, but will most effectively be used as a resource to coach you and

trouble shoot your way through saving tons of money and gaining pride in your

work through painting your own home. As a handyman,remodeler, homeowner and real estate

investor, we represent a condensed version of the best of what we’ve learned

about painting from various professional mentors in each sphere.


The first step is to get to know the basics of different paints available in the market.

Most paint supply stores offer a wide variety of types and brands of paints. Store

associates are generally knowledgeable about the paints they carry, and can usually

advise you on color choice, as it is hard to get a feel for the finished product with

only a small color swatch.

If a thumb sized color swatch is insufficient to make a decision on (it isn’t for me

most the time!), small color samples can be ordered in small quantities so you can

section on a wall to see how it dries and make a more informed decision. If the

process of choosing a color is prolonged by a week or more, paint the trial wall

space behind a couch, poster or easily moveable item, so that you’re not rushed to

finish the job because you have an unsightly blotch of paint on your wall!

A great digital tool to use for color selection is a paint color visualizer. Sherwin

Williams has a great one on their website which allows you to upload photos of

your home, and impose a new color on top of your existing walls.

Latex is standard for interior and exterior projects for its ease of use and water-

Solubility. We are a team of perfectoremodel corp. to help you with all your needs of house paint the

way it should go.


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