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If you want to improve the appearance of your home or apartment in terms of durability and reliability

 then you can just have a go at hardwood flooring. The best part

about hardwood flooring is that other than being beautiful and hard-wearing, hardwood floors are

 environmentally friendly as well. Who can deny the wonderful uses

of wood which is such an amazing resource that is both recyclable and renewable?

There are some hard- wood floors that need never be replaced thus adding thou-

sands of pounds to the value of your home or apartment. With hardwood floors,

there are incredible aesthetically appealing options available as well. Hard- wood

floors can accompany every situation and every kind of taste quite effectively. From

the kind of wood to the design to the ultimate finish of the flooring, hard- wood

flooring can be completely relied upon.

If you have ever gone through a home improvement process before, you can well

imagine the satisfaction and joy of planning and execution. Although it is hard to

believe that a typical do-it-yourself kind of resource person can carry out the installation of a hardwood

flooring himself it’s better to call perfectoremodel corp. company to do it this type of work.

 Right planning, preparation and the relevant tools is all that it needs to have a go at installing hardwood

floors. also with it’s installation,restoration or maintenance, our company. As the trend has been

changing towards new styles of floors, hardwood flooring has become more popular in today’s world.

People started to choose hard- wood floors more often than other types of floors.

Getting started with hardwood floors is really very simple and basic as they are

easy to handle. It will be more feasible for you to have the knowledge about hardwood floors through

our company Flooring. We help you install hardwood floors of any type

you want to with an easy procedure.

We guarantee you that these hardwood floors are classier and add a touch of sheer

class in your home. Its different colors are more attractive and eye-catching.

You can count on the team of perfectoremodel corp. Flooring to look after all wood flooring needs.

No other team in the Long island NY offers the same value in terms of quality, affordability

and service.

From small Wood Floor Repair jobs, intricate Wood Floor Restorations to extensive Wood Floor Sanding

 Projects and Wood Floor Installations.

Interesting facts about hardwood flooring from perfectoremodel corp.

Hardwood floors are available in a wide range of finishes, designs, wood types and

installation techniques. It can be purchased both finished and unfinished. Un- fin-

ished flooring offers the chance to choose a more specific stain color, as well as a

uniform stain that is even from wall to wall. However, purchasing pre-finished

flooring has the advantages of being more convenient, requiring no sanding or

staining, and no mess. Installing finished flooring is far faster than the time it takes

to install, stain and seal unfinished wood.

There are three basic types of wood flooring options. Solid the most popular of the

three, it is sold in three different types of flooring. Strip floors are planks of uniform width that provide

ease of installation and durability. Plank flooring is another

type of solid wood, and is available in a wide variety of widths and can achieve a

classic, antique look. Lastly, parquet patterns are also very popular. Parquet flooring is made up of

 square de- signs of strips of wood that have been glued together.

Each design type has its own unique advantages, and you need only decide which

works best for your needs and budget.

Engineered flooring is another type of product available for use in residential settings. This type of

 flooring is made by adhering a veneer layer together with real

wood base in a layer pattern that provides stability to the plank. This is a less

expensive option that is very durable and easy to care for.

Some of the most common species used in a home are Red Oak, Pine, White Oak,

Cherry, and Hard Maple. All of these options offer their own unique appeals, and

the main differences are color and durability. Choosing the right style for your

needs is as simple as looking at the durability and colors that best work for you.

What you do to your flooring adds value to your home but the best return on your

investment is to select a hardwood flooring that will appeal to a broad range of

buyers. This will guarantee you will sell your home quickly and for a profit when

you choose to.

Easy to clean

Simple wiping using dump material can keeps your floor clean. It saves you time

and money that could have been used in cleaning. Unlike concrete and carpet

flooring, is easier to clean since it does not absorb spills and liquids.

Affordable cost

Great deals are available for this kind of floors. The initial cost might seem higher

but the cost it will save later and the benefits the type of floor has. It is a long-

lasting investment.

Easy to install

Another interesting fact about these wood floors is that it is easy to construct. The

task is simple and always takes little time provided the raw materials are available.

The installation may require little professional help.

Easy to repair and maintain

The repair work normally involves breakages and scratches which can be done in

no time. You just have to make sure the floor is painted and cleaned regularly to

ensure it is well maintained.

They are environmental friendly

They do not affect the environment in a negative way whatsoever. Cleaning does

not involve any harmful chemicals that may be a threat to the biodiversity.


It has more prolonged life than the other types of floor types. They last for ages,

and refinishing is only carried out once in a while. It may take decades before repairing is done to them.

You can prolong the life of your floor. This is because marks and scratches can be easily sanded out.

Increases value for your property

They are known for portraying high levels of sophistication and class. These types

of floors bring about a unique feeling of your house. It has the ability to create myriad of atmospheres in

 your house. Hardwood floors will increase the rating of your house to higher ranking.

Physical beauty

Unlike other types of floors, these provide homeowners with the power to incorporate tones of beauty

 and elegance. Most buyers of homes nowadays are attracted with the beauty these floors have.

Available in many designs

This flooring type offers endless opportunities when it comes to creativity and an

opportunity to create your ideal living atmosphere. Whether it is a chilled out and

romantic vibe in the bedroom, lively living room for family gatherings, or a fire-

place with a cozy winter feeling; you will find a design that suits your needs. It can

complement other accessories in the house like furniture.

Easily available

There are multiple choices when it comes to any wooden material. Choosing a supplier that will meet

 your expectations is a simple task. Hardwood can also be purchased online. This gives you time to freely

 make a decision on what satisfies your taste best.

These are some of the interesting facts which you must know before installing

hardwood floors in your homes.

People do not consider such advantages of these hard- wood floors but they are

certainly more essential.

These hardwood floors are much easier to handle, clean and install as well. PerfectoRemodel corp.

Flooring offers its installation services as well as maintenance services which

makes it more convenient for you because our staff is responsible enough to carry

out the installation process.

Types of hardwood floors

There are many types of hardwood floors but here are some of them which PerfectoRemodel corp.  

Flooring thinks are more compatible and easy to install. Wood flooring greatly increases the outlook of

 any room. Where you want to put it decides which types of wood flooring you should in- stall.

Unfinished and factory finished wood flooring.

No matter whatever type of wood floor you have installed, it will always require a

finish. A finishing is required as it deals the wooden planks together and gives it a

professional feel. An unfinished wood flooring accounts for the installer to apply

the finishing effect on the job site. Our installer will sand the wood. There are a

variety of finishing options available in the market these days. Unfinished wood

flooring is the best option if you want to add color or match the new flooring with

an existing previous one.

On the other hand, factory finished wood flooring refers to the finishing task being

carried out at the manufacturer’s facility. These factory finished wood floors are

less time consuming to install as the finishing and sanding processes have been

done before hand. These floors are immediately ready to be walked on as they are

installed. Whether you want to install finished or unfinished wood flooring, it

greatly depends on your lifestyle as well so make a careful choice.

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