Ceramic Tile installation


Laying Ceramic Tile on Your Bathroom Floor by perfectoremodel corp.


Laying ceramic tile in bathroom floors is quite an easy thing to do. You will learn how laying ceramic tile is easily accomplished by following these simple tile installation instructions.


Before starting this project, make sure you have the right tiling tools. A tape measure, some chalk and string, a tile cutter, a pair of tile nippers, tile spacers, a notched trowel and a rubber grout float are some of the things you’ll need for laying ceramic tile.


As usual, the first step to laying ceramic tile is to lay out your walls. Start by finding  your the center of your wall. Then draw vertical and intersecting lines which will be your reference line for you.


Before starting, make sure that your floors and walls are clean of dust and debris. Also, don’t forget to repair any existing cracks by filling in the gaps and holes in the floor and walls. It’s also advisable to use strong tile thin-set mortar or tile adhesive when laying ceramic tile on bathroom floors; ideally the type that prevents moisture intrusion when it dries.


Start your installation at the reference point you just laid out. Keep in mind to do regular checks when laying ceramic tile to make sure that all your tiles have bonded properly and consistently. Place your tile over it and press it down firmly in place. Give it a slow twisting motion until the tile is firmly in place. Follow the same procedure for laying ceramic tile with the other tiles. You can also use tile spacers between the ceramic tiles to get consistent tiling.


When you’re done laying ceramic tile, leave them to dry overnight. After that you can start laying your grout the following day. There are two most common types of grout used for laying ceramic tile in the bathroom:




Sanded Grout:
For tile spacings that are more than an eighth of an inch wide, you can use sanded grout.


Unsanded Grout:
While for smaller tile spacings, you can use unsanded grout.

It is advisable to angle your rubber grout float and to press firmly down when laying ceramic tile in the bathroom. Always check for air pockets and to dab these spaces with more grout. Let it set for a while then wipe off any excess with a damp sponge. Rinse your sponge regularly so you can get a cleaner and better finish. After that, wipe your new floor dry with some clean rags. Leave them overnight to let it dry out completely and that’s it!
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