how to install laminate floor

When a homeowner is planning to upgrade their existing flooring, there are many options and
factors to consider. What kind of flooring is the homeowner going to want, such as hardwood, laminate,
tile or carpet? Laminate flooring is a cost effective way to have the look of real wood floors for less.
Laminate flooring is very durable. Unlike wood which can dent, laminate flooring is almost impervious to
dents and scratches. It is good for moist places and can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and other
places where you encounter moistures. It is easy to clean and resists stains and also is great for any
family members that have allergies. Once a homeowner has chosen their color of laminate flooring, they
will need to purchase a roll of moisture barrier. It is important to make sure the homeowner has all the
necessary materials and tools to install the laminate flooring correctly. Most home improvement stores
sell laminate floor kits that will provide all the necessary tools you will need in addition to a miter saw
and coping saw.
The first step that you need to do is to stack the laminate flooring before installation.
Temperature and humidity can affect flooring planks. Acclimate the flooring in the house 48 hours before
installation. Remove any plastic wrapping from the boxes and leave air space around each box to allow
air to freely circulate around them.
The second step will be to demo the existing flooring and to remove base molding. You must
clean the subfloor to make sure it is free of any dirt and debris. DIY network (2014) says that “if
installing on top of a new concrete floor wait until the floor is fully cured.” Then carefully remove all
base molding (p. 1)
The third step is to install the moisture barrier by laying out the moisture barrier one row at a time
from the longest wall of the room. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s directions. It is easiest if you
butt each row against the previous one and tape together.
The fourth step is trimming the door jambs. Lay a piece of flooring flat on the subfloor and up
against the door jambs. When cutting the jambs make sure you use a guide so that you can correctly cut
the jamb so that the new flooring will slide underneath the jamb. Using a coping saw to cut the jambs is
best. Be sure to cut parallel to the subfloor. This will give the floor and jamb a nice finished look without
having to remove the entire jamb.
The fifth step is installing the first row. When looking for the best appearance to lay the floor,
you will want to lay the plank parallel to the longest wall. Install the first plank with the groove side
towards the wall and place ½” spacers against wall and push the first plank flush up against them. The
spacers create an extension gap so that the floor can expand and contract and not warp or buckle. Don’t
worry about the gap because it will be covered later with base molding. Continue doing this until the first
row is complete.
The sixth step is installing the flooring. DIY network (2014) tells us that for each plank, you
must match tongue and groove and tap it into place using the tapping piece and hammer from the
installation kit so that it protects the planks. The pieces should fit snugly together and there should be no
gaps along the length of the planks. When installing each row, make sure that you stagger each of the
joints of the flooring. Offset the floor about six to eight inches so that the joints at the ends of planks do
not line up row to row (which can weaken the floor and create a too-uniform look) (p. 2).
Step seven is installing the last plank. The plank on each row needs to be trimmed to fit. To
mark the plank to fit in correctly, turn it opposite way, place the end of the plank against the wall and
mark a line where the other plank ends. Make sure that you add ½’ to allow for the spacer. Rip cut the
plank along the line and install.
The last step is to install thresholds and base molding. You should install any thresholds between
the end of the flooring and any open doors where the flooring ends. There are different styles to
accommodate the kind and height of the flooring the new laminate floor butts up against. Remove the
spacers and install the base molding to cover the expansion gaps.
To keep your new laminate floor looking amazing there are some helpful tips to clean and protect
your laminate floor for years of lasting beauty. Don’t use any oil sop based cleaners as they will leave a
dull film. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or steel wool because it can leave scratches in the floor and do not
wax or polish your floor. Place a natural or colorfast mat at outside entries to catch tracked-in dirt and
moisture. Prevent indentations with felt floor protectors on chairs and furniture. Immediately wipe up
spills or wet feet with a cloth or sponge. Use only hardwood & laminate floor cleaner with microfiber
mop. It is very easy to install and care for you new laminate flooring; all you have to do now is to enjoy

How to build a house

BUYING BUILDING MATERIALS Building a new house, or making additions to your existing house can be an expensive project. You need to plan carefully where you will find suitable and affordable materials closest to your plot. STEPS TO FOLLOW BEFORE SELECTING BUILDING MATERIALS Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3 Step 4 Prepare a plan for your alteration or addition. Use your plan to list what building materials will be needed for the job. Workout the amount (quantity) of each type of material that is needed. Workout the cost of your building works using the list of the materials and amounts (quantities). Decide what materials you will get second-hand.

Your plan can be a rough sketch. However, a formal building plan will make it easier to workout the exact amount materials needed and can save you money in the long run. A formal building plan is drawn up by an architect-technician. Once you have your plan you can ask an experienced perfectoremodel or a materials supplier to tell you what materials you will need and how much you will need. A materials supplier can also give you the costs for the materials.

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Basic Steps in Painting a Room

Basic Steps in Painting a Room
Having a room repainted and redecorated takes a lot of work, but it can be very exciting. It gives homeowners a chance for a start over perspective and recreates themselves along with the room they are trying to beautify. Not everyone can choose their neighborhood and how it is presented or an office space and how it is designed. But in your own home, you can design and paint the whole thing according to your taste and style. From decors to the type of furniture used, to the choice of exterior and interior home paints all personalized to one’s own taste.

But painting a room is not as easy as one would think. Some would hire an expert PerfectoRemodel corp. There are those who would prefer doing it themselves thinking they could save money. It’s true that you can save money, as long as you follow some guidelines and few easy steps to achieve a professional finish and a burst of brilliant depth.
These basic steps are inspired by the ways of PerfectoRemodel corp. These should be helpful whether you are just painting a wall, ceiling or doing a complete makeover. It’s important to follow certain procedures in order to make sure you don’t end up with a messy-looking room, or worse, peeling and cracking paint.
– Acquiring the materials and tools that you need is the best idea. It can be very aggravating to run out to the store in the middle of dealing with wet paint. Next, get organized before doing the actual work.
– Move all furniture out of the room or in a designated area. You’ll work faster and make fewer mistakes if you don’t have any obstructions to work around.
– Large furnishings can be piled in the centre of the room and covered with drop -cloths. Small decorations can be wrapped in newspapers. If you intend to paint the ceiling, remove any lighting that could hinder better application.
– Next, relieve the walls of any excess of old paints, cracks, dust, spider webs, chipped plastering, grease stains etc. If it’s newly built, the cemented portion needs to be sand, levelled and smoothened as well.
– Apply drop cloths or any covering that’s big enough to cover the entire floor area. Gather your tools and paints in one area where it’s easily accessible for you.
– Apply your masking tape to the edges of areas that will not be painted like cabinets, windows, etc.
– In applying paint, it’s a good idea to work from top to bottom. It helps you see and manage any drips or runs as you go. If you’re painting the entire room, start with the ceiling, then the walls. It’s also better to paint larger areas like walls before repainting the trim, because it’s easier to correct mistakes from open areas than in tight and small areas. Common mistakes that resulted from, overspray, roller spatters and occasional errant brushstrokes.
– Remove masking tape when finished.
– If you had paint bleed under your masking tape, using a very small paintbrush, very carefully touch up the lines.
– Make sure the paints dry before removing your drop cloths.
– Rearrange and redecorate according to desired style.
After all that’s been send and done, it’s always advised to seek professional help from PerfectoRemodel corp. to achieve desired output.

How Important Is Pressure Washing For The Property?

Does your garage look drab and dirty? Are you worried about your slippery and stained deck? Is the roof all dapple and daub? Are you receiving recommendations to replace your sidewalk? You then are definitely needing pressure washing. Your Home is the listed possession. It’s your abode of peace. You would undoubtedly want to buy to be in its best situation. Who not feel good when his house appears and feels gorgeous? Running a residence and experiencing it is straightforward but sustaining it’s extremely tough. There are many agents which might be constantly affecting your house in a variety of ways. Dirt, rain, snow, microorganisms are only several examples. Defending your home from these and reducing their impacts to rejuvenate your house is of primary importance.

And also the best way to accomplish it’s through the use of Residential power washing. Often people genuinely believe that once the problem of the particular the main house dilapidates it requires substitutes. In fact many areas which are replaced can easily be fixed and recovered with a few work and extremely minor price in comparison to the large expense of replacement. Pressure washing will be the primary tool-using which you may recover your house to its lost shine. A first-price pressure washing could be capable of providing back your deck, footpath or pavement to its initial condition for that reason that the pressure washing removes grime, dirt, spot as well as a lot of other items that could generate your deck, exterior, or walkway try a poor situation than it truly is. Advantages of pressure washing are many. Many of them happen to be described below:

Health and hygiene: Once we all recognize pollution could be the greatest challenge that the world faces today. Moreover, wind, water, snow and other such pure providers’ aid in the accumulating of dust, mold, mold, mildew and gas which are the primary culprits that will develop protection and health issues around your home. Pressure washing cleans up these outside problems and protects your house hold from infections. Removal of dust also relives your family members of allergies and related disorders. Additionally, power washing the walkways and drives may protect your family and visitors from accidents like falling on oil or mold. Should you live in a spot with plenty of woods, mildew and algae can develop to the damp and shadowed sidewalks surrounding your house. All this can be eliminated very easily using pressure cleaning providing you with a clean and safe-house



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