Help wanted for independent workers

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when you and I do deals, therefore it is our secret, between workers and our company is conversation totally confidential. please do not talk what we speak to any homeowners.

please send your state id , text all the list of trades you do, and pictures of past works and if you have text message your business card.

here at this number : (516) 500-1995

important note:

          when you go to the house for
the free estimate and do the work, you and your team is working under
the umbrella of a company – PERFECTOREMODEL CORPORATION. 

          you go to the customer house you say that you come in behalf of this company : perfectoremodel corp.  



only for office workers :

you only need your will to search a way to succeed , this is your turn , give an opportunity to your self and you will be happy,  we only give you a little tool and this is all yours.

Give us a chance to talk to you if you are talented in marketing , social media, advertising and much more
we have a service business
we need you

thank you

Remodeling projects –  House / office cleaning –  Landscaping weekly — window cleaning maintenance weekly,   for any residential or commercial places is done all the time any work done well.