Referral money

THERE ARE 2 WAYS TO EARN MONEY with referral ways

1.-   JUST PROSPECT not yet confirmed   $ 5 each

a.-  if you know somebody who needs to do in his/her house or commercial properties, that information about that person is valuable.

b.- maybe one of your relative, cousin, friends or whoever is speaking about to fix something,then that is an information, you only need phone number and name of the person.

c.- if you want to advertise anywhere like putting flyers, talking with people, texting to people or whatever channel you choose and get people who is interested in improve their property.

d.-  anything you do as long as you get phone number, name and maybe what they need, then that an importaant information that you will make money.


2.- CONFIRMED PROSPECT  it means that we get the job or project.  $ 20

a.- if you give us an information of the person like phone number, name and maybe what they need to do in their property. when we go for a free estimate and get the work, you earn $ 5 plus $ 20 =  total $ 25

b.- you will make money if your prospect give us work, $ 25 total.

c.- if you like you can make a team but you will get your money.



  • we only need your first name, last name and an email
  • you will get an email and you will accept it – that email is from chase bank where your money will be accepted by you.
  • if you have chase account , bank of america, tdbank or any bank, all USA bank is valid.