(516)828-1324   perfectoremodel corp.


we are looking for knowledgeble  independent workers in gardening , landscaping and more

if you have experience in this career , please feel free to fill it up this form and call or text (516)500-1995

important note:

          when you go to the house for the free estimate and do the work, you and your team is working under the umbrella of a company – PERFECTOREMODEL CORPORATION. 

          you go to the customer house you say that you come in behalf of this company : perfectoremodel corp.  


Grow your business by joining the new york’s largest network of independent workers or contractors.

if you have or not have licence, insurance or business name  to work anywhere in long island or NYC – you will always work under our umbrella of PERFECTOREMODEL CORP. 

specially in LAWN maintenance weekly 

PerfectoRemodel corp. gives you ready-to-service jobs, already ordered and paid for by home owners and/or property managers in your area or city. you will see the lawn or other jobs and confirm it.  


Let us do the marketing

          PerfectoRemodel corp. takes care of
marketing for you so you can focus on the job at hand.

           We’ll bring the
customers to you so you never have to worry about dealing with another lead or
bidding on jobs again.


Grow your business with 

PerfectoRemodel corp.! 

       Whether this is your 1st year in business or your 20th, we’re very excited to see you grow and grow your business. 

           We are looking for contractors or independent workers of every skill level and size to service our wide variety of many customers – from homeowners to property managers to single family home and more!

Payment is automatically 

  • if you have CHASE BANK your payment is immediately after the work is done and showed pictures to our telephone. 


  • if you have another bank, your payment will take 1-2 business days after you accept our email