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Weekly Maintenance Lawn

This is our lawn mowing service.

we make a written agreement what we are going to do before any garden work 


·         Our team  will evenly cut up to 3-6 inches of lawn growth to a seasonally appropriate height.

·         Grass clippings will either be mulched, or bagged or carried away.depend on the deal

·         The lawn growing up against fences, structures, trees and edges of the lawn will be trimmed to give your lawn the beautiful manicured look.

·         All residual grass clippings will be cleaned off of your driveway, curb, and other reasonable areas with a blower and/or broom.

·                                                                                          PREMIUM MAINTENANCE

Our team will clean up already well maintained flower beds and gardens immediately surrounding the lawn area. Pick up should include removal of lawn trimmings, twigs, and general lawn debris. This may include light weeding or pruning (depending on the condition of the weeds and bushes). This does not include adding materials (dirt, compost, plants, etc.), nor does it include any landscaping projects.

·         If your flower beds and gardens require additional work, we will provide you with an estimate before proceeding.

·         Our team  will edge your property, creating a defined grass border along sidewalks and driveways.

·         We will trim shrubs and decorative bushes on your property that are less than 6 feet tall.

Our yard , Lawn Care

“My lawn looks beautiful like a golf green. It looks the best “

Lawn Care Long island – New york  — PERFECTOREMODEL CORP. IN HUNTINGTON STATION new york.

                 There’s a science to having a great looking lawn. We have the technical know-how, plus the commitment to making your lawn the best it can be. Here’s how:

Every property is the only one . Each lawn comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it’s sandy soil, stubborn weeds, or thatch buildup, we know how to deal with the issues that keep your lawn from looking good.

          Our knowledgeable technicians make sure your lawn gets the attention it needs, and will advise you on watering and mowing practices to make it look its best.

          Perfectoremodel  time our treatments carefully. Every season is different, and it just doesn’t work to use the calendar as a guide when treating the lawn. We use only granular slow-release fertilizers, applied when your grass needs it most.

 Our crabgrass controls, weed controls, and insect treatments are applied when and where needed, timed to have the maximum effect.

We offer everything your lawn needs. Our lawn care services cover everything you need – you just add water !


Lawn Care Program:

Includes fertilizer, crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, surface insect and grub control as needed throughout the growing season.


Lawn Aeration:

We use core aerators, the most effective form of aeration. This service helps break up thatch, and allows air and nutrients to reach turf roots.


Lawn Renovation:

Renovation can give an old lawn new life, especially when combined with a lawn care program. We use a high quality custom blended seed mix created to our exacting specifications for great results.