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outdoor living


               Improve the look and aspect of your outdoor living space and the value of your property when you install a stone patio or other material. Stone paving offers durability and versatility. Our installers will work with you to choose the perfect colors, patterns, and forms. Stone paving is perfect  for walkways, patios, and poolside areas because of its long life, slip resistance, and chemical resistance. The best part is you will be able to enjoy your new patio immediately after the installation process!


PerfectoRemodel corp. Landscaping can make bigger your outdoor space by adding and draw the perfect walkway. A customized walkway can add dimension to your front or backyard.

·        Stone Walkway

·        Fireplaces


                      We can make fireplace and fire pits of any kind!  We’ll help you figure out where to put it to avoid fire hazards and optimize the artistic flow of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchens

            We can create simple or elaborate outdoor kitchens, perfect for all of your barbecuing needs! We make sure that start to finish your outdoor kitchen will be designed and customized to your taste.

·        Outdoor Kitchen

·        Retaining Walls

Retaining walls  allow you to better utilize sloped areas of your yard. They are specially designed to hold back the terrain and can help you define a space. We have a variety of patterns and colors to give your yard definition and a unique look.


Our professional installers are trained to construct quality hardscapes. We perform detail-oriented work on all hardscaping services, including the following:


•          Columns  •   Fireplaces  • Mailboxes  •            Pathways

•          Patios  •        Pergolas  •   Retaining Walls

•          Signage and Entry Walls

•          Stairs